The Silhouette (1)

Where is this place? Eeewww… Creepy.. No streetlights? Gosh! It’s so dark … Why did I even come here….

Natalie found herself standing in a dark, narrow street… She couldn’t see much, but she got this eerie feeling that creepy crawly things were running around her feet. She tried to ignore them and walked towards a small pool of light in front of her. It was then she saw the broken streetlight. She sighed.

Better than no light at all I guess… 

She suddenly froze with terror, for at moment, she saw a silhouette among the shadows.

“Who’s there?”, she stammered.

“Who.. who’s.. Who’s there?” She managed you say again, gathering up the little strength she had left.

Suddenly she felt something slimy grip her feet, coil around it, tighter and tighter by the second.

“Aaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she screamed.

Natalie looked at her bedside table, the clock showed 02:30 am. She got up, washed her face and went to get herself a glass of water.

She switched on the kitchen light took a glass, kept it on the slab. She was deep in thought as she took a bottle out of the fridge.

These nightmares are getting worse, day by day. What is happening? Oh God! 

Suddenly, she saw a reflection on a steel utensil. Taken aback, she jumped backwards, and hit the fridge. Then she calmed down as she realized that it was her own reflection.

Or was it? 

She shook her head out, trying to kick out all such thoughts. She took a deep breath in,  closed her eyes and stood there for a few seconds.

Next day at school, Natalie was walking to her class.

“Hi Nat !”, said Joe, her best friend.

Natalie dumped her bag in class and walked with Joe to the football ground. This was their favorite hangout spot and class hadn’t started yet. She was about to tell him about her nightmares, but suddenly a boy came up and distracted Joe’s attention.

As Natalie was waiting for Joe, she stood there looking at her shadow. And she noticed another shadow, nearby. It was nearing her shadow, and caught hold of her wrist. The grip was so tight, she could feel it. She tried to break free, but the grip only tightened.

“Nat! Nat!”, Joe’s voice brought her back to Earth.

“Yeah…. I… That sha… my..I …”, stammered Natalie

“Are you alright? You look ill.”, asked Joe.

“I don’t know Joe.. I really don’t”, said Natalie, a tear escaping her eye.

That day, in the washroom she overheard something rather odd.

“Hey.. Have you seen that weird lady near our school campus? I heard she can speak to ghosts”, said a girl.

“All bullshit! You got to be kidding me. Sometimes she just disappears. And then, the next day she’s there again. Very odd she is.”, said the other girl.

Ghosts? Can it be true? Wait… Ghosts? What am I thinking? Oh God. 

“Calm down, Nat”, said Joe.

“I can’t Joe! I just can’t. You have no idea how freaky this is…. As if .. as if someone’s stalking me.. I think I’ll go insane!”, replied Natalie.

“I’m sorry, Nat. I know it’s freaking you out but I’m trying to help you!”, said Joe.

“I know…. I know”, said Natalie, disturbed.

Two days later, Natalie was going back home from school, when she noticed that woman – dressed like a gypsy.

She does look odd. I think I should just stay away from her….. 

“Wait there, girl”, said the woman.

“The answer you seek is in your past” she said.

Natalie stopped short. She turned around and looked at the woman in utter bewilderment.

“Nat, let’s go. Come on, don’t listen to her.” Said Joe

But Natalie just looked at woman. But what she said next, really gave her a big shock.

She just ran away from there, tears streaming down her eyes. She did not even remember any longer what the woman had said. The only thing she heard was a name : just a name.

But how could she know? HOW?? 

She could hear Joe’s voice in the background.

“Natalie! Nat! Stop! What happened? Who’s Nick?”

Who’s Nick? Oh NICK! NICK! NICK! 


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