The Report

the report


“Hi! Looking good”

“Thanks. Been waiting for long?”

“A while.”

“You done with the report?”

“Nope. You?”


They grinned at each other.

“He here yet?”

“Not yet, thankfully.”

“Oh look who’s come! The nerd. I’m sure he must have finished it, and maybe even submitted it to sir. He loves to stop by the staffroom every morning.”

“Who? Ashwin? Yes, I agree. He must have definitely finished it, and most probably will get the highest grade. After all, he spends more time in the staffroom than any other place in this school.”

“Oh yes! Keeps wagging his tail behind every teacher. Saw him talking to Nisha ma’am the other day, when I was talking to Pradeep sir. I don’t know what his problem is.”

“Wait. When did you go talk to sir? How come you didn’t tell me?”

“The day before I think. Well, I am telling you now, aren’t I?”

“Oh, I see. And where was I?”

“Well, I don’t quite remember. I think you went home, or you must have been busy romancing with him.”


“I think I had gone home.”

“Yes. I think so too.”

“Oh shit! Here he comes. Don’t you think his bus is a little too early today?”

“Oh no! Already? Yes, his bus is early today”

“Why do we even bother talking to him?”

“Maybe because he is so dumb that he thinks we love him.”

“Yes, I guess so. So dumb.”

They giggle. The boy walks to them and greets them.

“Hey Manu”

“Hi Manu”

“You done with the report?”

“Of course he must have! See, told you!”

“Good for you. No. we still haven’t completed it.”

“Umm… yes we will try to complete it by today. Otherwise we will submit it tomorrow.”

“Do you mind if we just read yours? Just to have an idea?………you already submitted? Ok.”

“Ohhk. Fine.”

The boy leaves.

“He already submitted it seems.”

“I know right seriously. Wonder where he copied from.”

“Ya, I’m sure somebody must help him. Never seen him studying.”

“Hey! Look at that girl there. What has she done to her hair?”

“Where? Oh yes, that really looks bad, doesn’t it?”

“Bad? It’s a disaster! I mean, look at her!”

“Oh yes. Totally. A disaster. Looks like she just ran out of the mental asylum.”

“I know right. And her uniform. Wonder if she ever washes them.”

“Ugghh…. So dirty. Disgusting.”

The bell rang, and students walked out of class, in a line. The prayer was about to begin.

(creative writing)


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