The Twins


Naveen had not expected to reach so early. His only intention was to make sure that he was not late. It was a cold morning, and he zipped up his jacket. He still had an hour before his class, and so he went and sat down under ‘The Twins ” – his favourite place.

The Twins were nothing but two trees, intertwined at the bottom. Together, they spread their branches over a huge area, and Naveen loved the place. The Twins were located at one corner of the campus, and Naveen was always able to find a place for himself. It somehow never got congested.

Naveen felt secure and protected when he sat under the tree. It calmed him down and helped him think. The tree was his only true friend in the campus. And so every time he’s feeling low, or angry, or when he needs some space to think or when he has to make decisions – one can find him there, under the tree, staring into the sky. And after all that happened in the past few months, he didn’t trust anybody anymore – except for the Twins. A few months ago, he was the happiest person in this galaxy – enjoying his life as much as he can. But like he always believed, happiness cannot last forever. And it didn’t.

There is hardly anyone around – I came too early. Not that it matters. Nobody is expecting me. Except. All these girls and boys, I can’t trust them anymore. I can’t trust anybody anymore. Everybody’s wearing that mask, with the plastic smile, but frowning at you with contempt from the inside. No, I can’t trust them. Except. Especially not her. No. Talk of the devil and poof! She appears, gliding innocently like an angel.

“Hey” she said.


“What are you up to? Early in the morning?”

“Nothing much”

He still had no idea why he still bothered talking to her. Why she behaves as if nothing happened, when he’d just unmasked her. Why is she pretending so much when he knew who she really was? It was at this very place, where he caught her lying. Not the first time she lied to him, but the first time he caught her doing so. And since then, things have gone downhill between them. But even after all this, she pretends, lies to him, looking into his eyes. Does she really think, by doing that, I will believe her? He shivered at the thought of her hidden intentions.

I don’t know what you’re thinking about Naveen, but I pity you. And I am not going to let you live in peace. Not yet.

Not yet.

(creative writing)


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