Koto Tamo Peva

koto tamo peva

We were on our way to Belgrade. There was a newlywed couple, a jobless singer boasting about his abilities, two gypsies, a German, a hunter who could not control his own rifle, a man with cough, a priest, and an ex-army man. The owner of the bus, Kristic (my son) was issuing tickets, and my grandson Misko was at the wheel.  I was at the back of the bus, and had a pretty good view of everybody.

The newlyweds looked like they were fleeing, and had no control over themselves. The bride was obviously older than the groom, and she was talking about going to the sea. Kristic had to demand a marriage certificate, and behave themselves in the bus. The German wrinkles his nose at them, and suggests that perhaps they have no marriage certificate at all. Nevertheless, he doesn’t take his eyes off them, keeps staring at them in an eerie manner. The hunter runs behind the bus a good 200 m as he asked by my son to wait at a bus stop if he expects to catch the bus, and that bus shall not stop in the middle of the road for anybody. The ex-army man fights with Kristic for five tickets, just to prove that he can afford not just one but five tickets. The singer eyes the bride from the moment she boards the bus, and flirts with her – but groom doesn’t seemed to be bothered about it. He keeps boasting that he is a singer, and that he is going for an audition where they will ‘definitely take him in once they listen to him’. He starts practicing inside the bus, but thankfully my son shuts him up. The man suffering from the cough, was very nice to everybody, even though they were all so rude to him. He didn’t look like he was going to last long. The gypsies sat at the end corner of the bus, minding their own business.

My grandson Misko, always had this emotional attachment to animals, but I’ve never been able to pin point where exactly it lies. Maybe he prefers to eat them, than keeping them. Nevertheless, the animals always seemed frightened in playing with him. And the father and son were planning to visit the zoo – poor animals. Kristic boasted that Misko could drive up to 2 kms blindfolded. The singer was foolish enough to object, and argue that it was not possible to do so.  Of course, he could – he’d been driving through that route for so long that it was by heart to him. Angry that the singer implied that he was lying, Kristic blindfolded Misko. Things went well, till Misko hit a roadblock, and an army man came running. The road was closed. We’d have to divert.

I wondered if we would ever make it to Belgrade.


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