I was reading something Rijul (one of my classmates) had posted on his blog, about tomato. The post was about how he used to hate the vegetable, but how he ended up loving it. The experience of reading “When I Hated Tomatoes” was very nostalgic for me, as it reminded me of my relationship with the vegetable – Bitter gourd.

As a kid, I was not really very ‘picky’ about what I eat – except for fish curry perhaps, because I always expected the fish to jump out of the utensil. Not that I would reject food nowadays, but then there are food items I avoid. If Rijul’s was a Hate – Love Relationship, then mine was a Love – Hate Relationship with bitter gourd.

Now that I look back at those days, I come to the conclusion that I was a rather funny kid. I loved bitter gourd, so much that I couldn’t wait for it to be cooked. I would run to my mother, and eat raw slices of it, while she would be busy cutting them. Yes. As crazy as it sounds (to me), I used to interrupt her just so I get a slice.

Now, I am not sure if this was so because I was too hungry to notice it or simply because I did not let the bitterness come in between me and the vegetable. Maybe, I started judging the vegetable, which would be rather sad. Or maybe I simply wanted to stay away from the bitterness. Now, cooked or raw, the vegetable is a big no-no. I run away at the sight of it, for no matter what you did, the bitterness always stayed.

Nevertheless, I shall always cherish those sweet memories I have with you, bitter gourd.


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