You call it a cross on his face, a birthmark
But you do not know the pain behind it
You make fun of the way she smiles
Because you never saw her cry
You walk over others, you strangle them
For you donot know the value of love or life
You are engrossed in your smile, your self-assured perfectness
That you donot realise that imperfections make her beautiful
You utilise once and throw away
What he values more than his life
What you think of her, is not confidence
But over confidence, which will only end you
It will make you underestimate him
And over estimate yourself, on top of everyone
But truth will bring you down
You will fall all the way
Beware of what you say about her
That is what I will think of you
But you will still judge me
And I shall walk away.
That is my choice.


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