Amelie and the stalker


IMG_20160318_063858_editEx- boyfriends stalking you is ultra-freaky and infinitely creepy. And if the guy has a recorder with him, that is the cherry on top.
Joseph, is very obsessed, but knows well to keep it low. He stalks his ex girlfriend, watches over her. He is, in my expert opinion, better than a CCTV camera. He is the character that quite irritated me. He made me ask questions like doesn’t he have anything better to do, than watching over somebody who no longer loves him? It is, in a way, an excellent strategy to ruin your ex’s life. But then, there is the bigger question as to what he does for a living ? How can he not be bothered about his job – if at all he has one – and sit there all day. Almost as if that was his job.
To Amelie, an introvert who decides to be a regular do-gooder , he is the problem she solves for her colleague Gina ( whom he is stalking) , by setting him up with Georgette, another one of her colleagues. Georgette is quite sick and lonely in life, and by setting her up with Joseph, Amelie intends to make her life better too. Her plan is successful, and they do fall in love. But only for a while. He is perhaps Amelie’s only plan that failed. He ends up stalking both Georgette and Gina. And Georgette becomes more ill, and very much disturbed.  But Amelie herself was disturbed and so she just goes home.
Joseph is very irritating, and a psycho, but he is very subtle. They can easily throw him out, but since he does no actual harm, they have made it a habit to ignore him. In some sense, he has become a part of that place.
In the end, I think perhaps I admire him, his patience to sit there all day, and just watch.


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