A Sinister Set of Stories

Five years ago, while cutting triangles and circled for my math records, I tried using the scissors with my right hand since my left hand had fallen numb. But I ended up with hexagons, octagons and pentagons instead of circles, thanks to the sharp edged devil with a disproportionate handle. I also remember reading as a kid, that left-handers had a shorter life span and that it was due to having to use things designed for right handers.


Read the rest : http://www.opendosa.in/left-handsa/


3 thoughts on “A Sinister Set of Stories

  1. I totally empathize with you!
    My disaster was in abacus class. But, everywhere I went, I was the only left handed person, so I sort of got accustomed to it.
    The worst parts are when I go to temples. I have no choice to change hands, and my praying or taking anything “Godly” is immediately acted upon.
    I say, I’m praying to GOD. He didn’t make up the rules, now, did He? So how does it matter?

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