Uniforms and Dysfunctional Laundry

A bad combination to have when you’re in hostel.

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No, you can’t eat fish!

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The Detective Diaries #1

  THE CASE OF THE MISSING FOOD As a kid, I was very much in awe of Lord Krishna, because I felt he was very much like me. He loved food, especially butter, and so did I. I loved to explore, in particular, all that I was not supposed to explore. Those that were forbidden […]

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Amelie and the stalker

  Ex- boyfriends stalking you is ultra-freaky and infinitely creepy. And if the guy has a recorder with him, that is the cherry on top. Joseph, is very obsessed, but knows well to keep it low. He stalks his ex girlfriend, watches over her. He is, in my expert opinion, better than a CCTV camera. […]

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The Drowsy Drive

You were sandwiched between your aunt and your dad, grumbling at your dad because he stole the window seat where you wanted to sleep. He was wide awake, busy on the GPS trying to reassure us that we’d not lost hope. This is when you wish your uncle wouldn’t have thrown tantrums at you to […]

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Inflammable Substance

                              Inflammable chemically simply refers to the property of a material as to how easily is ignites, or sustains a combustion reaction. A few days ago I was quite jobless, and lost in thought, and for some weird unknown reason the […]

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Tickets Please!

I don’t know about you, but I was blessed with an awesome childhood. I used to have loads of fun – didn’t have to worry about reaching college on time, meeting deadlines or about evil people hiding behind their perfect masks. It was a time I used to run around like anything, trying to imitate […]

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