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Things been dragged. Thrown around. Thud. Thud. Thud What was going on upstairs? It was already so late, and you wonder why people living upstairs can’t get any sleep. This happens every night, since they moved into the apartment. Your mum puts her arm around you, and you coil toward her. Silence. Thud. Thud. Thud. […]

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Game Over

I frowned at the huge red laterally inverted “GAME OVER” in front of me. That was not it – there was something beyond the screen. Then I realized it was my chair, and my room. Both were empty.

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Love Dale #2

Ben had to ask around before he could finally find Love Dale. But as he neared the house, he saw another car, outside the gate. A bright red Ferrari, with a K near its number plate – and Ben could never forget this car. But what was Kyle doing here? Ben had been casually browsing […]

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Love Dale

Mia sat down and took a deep breath in – she had been unpacking stuff all day. She had always wanted to buy a house by a lake, with a lot of trees around, but it all didn’t turn out like she thought it would. She had thought she could move into a big house, […]

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