Why I Should Maybe Stop Watching Horror

Memories VJ’s class brought back.

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Amelie and the stalker

  Ex- boyfriends stalking you is ultra-freaky and infinitely creepy. And if the guy has a recorder with him, that is the cherry on top. Joseph, is very obsessed, but knows well to keep it low. He stalks his ex girlfriend, watches over her. He is, in my expert opinion, better than a CCTV camera. […]

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Koto Tamo Peva

We were on our way to Belgrade. There was a newlywed couple, a jobless singer boasting about his abilities, two gypsies, a German, a hunter who could not control his own rifle, a man with cough, a priest, and an ex-army man. The owner of the bus, Kristic (my son) was issuing tickets, and my […]

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