As the innumerable specs of dust

Adorns the dark walls of the sky

Countless the bubbles dancing, desperate 

To fly away from the water — ferocious

The scatter of ants buzzing away

As you drop into their equilibrium

The sandy rocks that roll down in haste

From atop the bite into the cookie

The blot of resilient colour in water 

Dismembered; piercing into molecules

The one white that paves light 

Torn apart to a band of seven 

Lying sharp, filled with glistens

From the past that as you step; slices 

Into you, leaving stained footprints

My heart that bleeds sugary syrup

Bite into the jalebi’s orange circles

Every step ahead that pulls you back 

The aroma that refuses to exit nose

Pictures dance past you — out of reach

The decibles that echo through ears

Shattering the bloody glass walls, weak

What keeps me alive. Today. 

Illustrations by Sitara VS ©

The Rain

Rain (http://profilepicturesdp.com)

Welcome or unwelcome 

Expected or sudden

It will fall down as it feels;

Enveloping your tears

Crying with you, for you 

Overwhelming your emotions

Enveloping you with its.

It is falling down, sliding through obstacles

Before it finally embraces the ground. 

Face its wrath, face its love

Like paper boats, flow with it. 

And when the time comes, let it go. 

Let it go, like it never poured.