Once Upon A Time

– NM ©

Once upon a time, somewhere
Was born I, and you elsewhere.

Time grew up with you and me; 

And traveled far beyond every sea.

I’ll be in yours, and you in mine –

New characters, chapters, and stitches to save nine.

Don’t read my story from its covers-

Read every page; till you find fossiled flowers. 

A promise to each page, again and again

Till what makes you shine, what makes you rain.

Count not the pages of old tattered book ;

But the innumerable words that fill every nook.

Alive after clear pages beyond The End

With the words you will accordingly lend 

All that’s left of me – a word, a line, a song, a rhyme

For I used to be, Once upon a time. 

– NM ©


I’m covered with ultimate guilt when I just realised that my classmate has reached 200, and I’m still at my 46th post right now : we’d started at the same time. Now I’m green.

Guilt apart, I’m pretty sure that with every passing year, there are more vehicles on the road. Now more people will drive through the pavement, everybody will reach their destinations later. And I had to shift closer to my college, and share a room with stranger. Weirdly enough, I use all my “extra time” sleeping (the three-four hours per day that I travel).

Add to this, the squishy mud slurry that once was my ground, now an open parking lot. Sigh. And the sick cold winds that slap me on my face. And then comes the staircase – it turned out to be worse than the horror fiction I’d written.One set of staircases for thousand students. And now the PT sir has been promoted to traffic controller. My auditorium premises too have been over packed with vehicles. I miss those days when I could clear my mind, sit in a lonely corner and do my work.

Add to all this, the rain. But ironically, it is forcing us to walk in single file lines. (Like we are supposed to in the staircase.)


Dead Sea


Not a concerned drop of water,
In this ignorant dead sea.
And to nowhere can you flee,
With water water everywhere.





You contain her within your limits

You exploit her to her very essence

You leave her to die

But come back when you need to survive

You build walls around her to conserve her

But who will protect her from you?

You restrict her very nature

You pollute her, and call her impure

Your chains make her

A dying disaster

She flows through you

You know her love, but not her wrath.

The storm – The flood – The hail

But she will not end alone

And you will not kill her, it is your need.

She will break free from life

And there will be no one to save you

Because she is no more

And neither will you be .