Knowledge Behind Bars


This room is a cube, imagine.
Thinking beyond that cube is a sin,
I wonder why they do what they do
Like they say for those who
Want knowledge sincerely,
Or those who make them wealthier regularly?
What is shared here, wisdom or just shortcuts;
Deals that destroy your very guts?

The dusty corridors the ghosts abandoned,
In the midst of chaos, they leave you stranded –
Against their promises and assurances.
They’ll only widen your differences.
The deities of the orthodox world they built,
The course of the river never in the hands of the silt.
Your life defined by their rules, and terms.
Your thoughts, and food infected by their worms.
The seed of fear they will have sown,
And since then you shall never own,
That life you thought was yours,
Those choices you thought were yours.
Your true self , never again will you find.
For once in, you’ll be trapped in your own mind.

They’ll feed you sciences from beyond the stars,
But what use of such knowledge behind bars?





You call it a cross on his face, a birthmark
But you do not know the pain behind it
You make fun of the way she smiles
Because you never saw her cry
You walk over others, you strangle them
For you donot know the value of love or life
You are engrossed in your smile, your self-assured perfectness
That you donot realise that imperfections make her beautiful
You utilise once and throw away
What he values more than his life
What you think of her, is not confidence
But over confidence, which will only end you
It will make you underestimate him
And over estimate yourself, on top of everyone
But truth will bring you down
You will fall all the way
Beware of what you say about her
That is what I will think of you
But you will still judge me
And I shall walk away.
That is my choice.


The Report

the report


“Hi! Looking good”

“Thanks. Been waiting for long?”

“A while.”

“You done with the report?”

“Nope. You?”


They grinned at each other.

“He here yet?”

“Not yet, thankfully.”

“Oh look who’s come! The nerd. I’m sure he must have finished it, and maybe even submitted it to sir. He loves to stop by the staffroom every morning.”

“Who? Ashwin? Yes, I agree. He must have definitely finished it, and most probably will get the highest grade. After all, he spends more time in the staffroom than any other place in this school.”

“Oh yes! Keeps wagging his tail behind every teacher. Saw him talking to Nisha ma’am the other day, when I was talking to Pradeep sir. I don’t know what his problem is.”

“Wait. When did you go talk to sir? How come you didn’t tell me?”

“The day before I think. Well, I am telling you now, aren’t I?”

“Oh, I see. And where was I?”

“Well, I don’t quite remember. I think you went home, or you must have been busy romancing with him.”


“I think I had gone home.”

“Yes. I think so too.”

“Oh shit! Here he comes. Don’t you think his bus is a little too early today?”

“Oh no! Already? Yes, his bus is early today”

“Why do we even bother talking to him?”

“Maybe because he is so dumb that he thinks we love him.”

“Yes, I guess so. So dumb.”

They giggle. The boy walks to them and greets them.

“Hey Manu”

“Hi Manu”

“You done with the report?”

“Of course he must have! See, told you!”

“Good for you. No. we still haven’t completed it.”

“Umm… yes we will try to complete it by today. Otherwise we will submit it tomorrow.”

“Do you mind if we just read yours? Just to have an idea?………you already submitted? Ok.”

“Ohhk. Fine.”

The boy leaves.

“He already submitted it seems.”

“I know right seriously. Wonder where he copied from.”

“Ya, I’m sure somebody must help him. Never seen him studying.”

“Hey! Look at that girl there. What has she done to her hair?”

“Where? Oh yes, that really looks bad, doesn’t it?”

“Bad? It’s a disaster! I mean, look at her!”

“Oh yes. Totally. A disaster. Looks like she just ran out of the mental asylum.”

“I know right. And her uniform. Wonder if she ever washes them.”

“Ugghh…. So dirty. Disgusting.”

The bell rang, and students walked out of class, in a line. The prayer was about to begin.

(creative writing)