My Puyu

Meet Puyu. ©NM

Today, I was very tired after college. I threw my bag away, somewhere on my way to the sofa. (my mom always complain that I was much more ‘organised’ as a kid.)
I lied down lazily on the aquamarine ‘L’ sofa, hugging the big cushion on its side, listening to my mom say random things. Suddenly she changed the topic.
Ammu, promise me you won’t cry.
I will. What is it?
No no, promise.
Just tell me.
I was playing with Puyu. He fell, and broke his spinal cord. He passed away. I’m so sorry.

Rip. ©NM

I suddenly experienced an Agnes moment, when purple Kevin snatches her unicorn.
Ente Puyu. Ente Puyu. Ente Puyu.
I thought you would notice it immediately, but you were so busy for the past two days.
Ente Puyu. Ente Puyu. Ente Puyu.
I cried again.
I had bought the puzhu (worm) from a vendor who suddenly appeared opposite my college gate. I named him Puyu – how I used to pronounce Puzhu as a kid.
Sob. Sob. How happy we were. He loved to play with me. He loved to play with mum too.

Puyu and me. ©NM

But now, he is no more. I shall miss pulling his ears, and arms and feet. He had four arms and four feet. But he preferred to crawl. (it’s not easy to walk with so many feet you know).
Oh how I shall miss you my sweet buddy. Who else can stretch so far, and still be in one piece.
Rest in peace my friend. You shall always be remembered.

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The Drowsy Drive


You were sandwiched between your aunt and your dad, grumbling at your dad because he stole the window seat where you wanted to sleep. He was wide awake, busy on the GPS trying to reassure us that we’d not lost hope. This is when you wish your uncle wouldn’t have thrown tantrums at you to not to go via Mysore. And now you were lost, in the middle of nowhere, farther from your destination than you initially were. As if that was not enough, you couldn’t fall asleep because of the continuous banging of your head on the seat, and you wish to could just keep your head in your lap and rest in peace – headless. Tears of boredom roll down your cheeks, while you squint at the sunlight trying to figure out where you’ve reached – not that it makes much of a difference. And your uncle teased you at your occasional comments, that you were not coherent enough. Your uncle who probably was Sherlock Holmes’ disciple, who would try his best to cross-examine and post mortem everything that crossed his attention – except for all that was his- conveniently overlooked the fact that you were too sleepy to be bothered by him. But because he was your uncle, you politely advise him it’s about time he visited the ENT.

After hours and hours of boredom and traveling and irritating GPS noises, you are finally there. The rain, the trees, and house that reminds you of your grandpa’s place, cheers you up. You can’t wait to get in, to click pictures, watch the rain and run around the house like a 5-year-old. They all drink tea, their second tea, and you’re left out – you hate tea and nothing else is available. Your stomach is already grumbling, and you become a purple minion for a while. You throw tantrums at your dad, as you hadn’t eaten anything after lunch.
And then, your assignment -which you procrastinated for so long – pops up, hitting you on your nose. Ouch.
So you dump your hunger on the sofa, get into a bed and start typing on your phone, till you smell food, and you go into a trance which sings “fooooooooooooooood”.
You forget your assignment for a few minutes, and run into the varanda to eat. You hungrily dig into 4-5 pieces of chicken, and suddenly feel full. So you run back to your assignment, and apologize to it for abandoning it midway. And then you type, type, type and type. Your mom pops in now and then, calling you to come have dinner. But you’re already too far away in America, talking about their first amendment and freedom of speech .
And finally when you’re done, you realise you’re too lazy to eat, and not hungry enough to get rid of that laziness. So you let it pass. You play on your phone for a while, and then off to sleep.


The next morning you wake up at 10, monstrously hungry, because you didn’t eat anything since 7:30 p.m. the previous night. It’s poori masala, and you’re about to eat it, when you’re uncle starts making noises at you,” Ooohhhh, your mom was worried you would start screaming, because she says you don’t like poori masalas, and that you would refuse to eat. ”
Stuffing your mouth with poori, you reply, ” Well, I don’t like poori masala for dinner. I don’t like to have wheaty food after a long day at college. That’s all.”
Does all of this really matter when you’re hungry? You would have refused to eat it , yes, but only when you are not hungry or when you have another option. But then, obviously your uncle hardly noticed you were missing the previous night, among all the food he ate. Sigh.
You’re too lazy to get ready, but you somehow do get ready. And then, finally you’re on your way back home. Another never ending journey, before you reach home. Before you can see your sofa, or your bed.


The Shoe

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Cinderella was very young when her mother passed away, after which her father remarried. Everything went fine till her father passed away. Her stepmother advised her to do the household chores, so it would distract her from the grief of losing her father. Her stepmother was evil and ill-treated her all the time.

One day, Cinderella was fast asleep near the fireplace. She woke up, washed her face and was about to begin her work for the day when, something fell down the chimney. She dropped the kettle and shrieked. It was a yellow-coloured creature that dressed like humans, and also wore glasses. A minute later, the rest of its gang fell down the chimney, filling the room with black smoke.

Before Cinderella could make any sense of what was happening, her stepmother came down the stairs, furious.

“What in the world is going on here?” she screamed.

She froze when she saw the little creatures. One of them, the gang leader, handed her a letter.

“La para tu” it said.

They were the minions, and were searching for a despicable master. They had finally found one, and self- appointed themselves as her servants. The stepmother was delighted, under the impression that people were dying to work for her, and agreed to let them stay.

“Cinderella, you shall share your room with them” said the stepmother, before leaving.

Cinderella became good friends with the minions, but they would nevertheless laugh at her, when the stepmother or stepsisters made fun of her, because the three ladies were their masters after all. But they would still help her, and many a times Cinderella had to clean up the mess they create as a result of ‘helping her’.

One day, they received an invitation to the king’s ball; everybody was invited. Cinderella dressed up beautifully, but her jealous stepsisters destroyed her dress. She was asked to stay home, and given more work by the stepmother, before they left. She ran out into her garden, and started crying. The minions too felt bad for her, and for themselves, as they too wanted to go. The garden became really noisy by the time the Fairy Godmother arrived, as they too started crying.

“Husshh hush, what is all this noise about?” she exclaimed.

Cinderella looked up, and saw a lady dressed beautifully in silver, with a sapphire wand in her hand.

“I am your Fairy Godmother dear. Now wipe your tears, you’re going to the ball.” She said.

She swished her wand, and whoosh, Cinderella now had a very beautiful blue dress, a beautiful sparkling carriage, and two beautiful white horses.

“My dear child, I’ve put a spell on you by which nobody will be able to recognise you. The spells only last till midnight, so don’t get carried away. Be back before midnight. Oh, I almost forgot,” she said, glancing at Cinderella’s feet.

She swished her wand again, and this time a pair of beautiful shoes appeared at her feet.

The Fairy Godmother disappeared, and Cinderella left in her carriage, leaving the minions dumbstruck. They were all staring at where the Fairy Godmother had been standing, and had a sudden realisation: why not serve the Fairy Godmother? The step mother was evil enough, but was no fun. And then they wouldn’t have to laugh at their friend anymore. They started running behind the carriage. At the palace, their attention was diverted by the beautiful garden in the palace.

Cinderella was the star of the night, she danced with the Prince, and even dined with him. Cinderella’s gaze fell at the clock, and she realised she had to run. She hurriedly bid farewell to her Prince, and started running towards the door. This was when suddenly people noticed the increasing number of yellow creatures in the room. Her stepmother, quite sure, Cinderella must also be here, started to hunt for her. The minions could not resist the food, especially the banana pudding, and the fruit salad. They were digging into it, not bothering to listen to the stepmother, who was shouting at them to stop the ‘atrocious behaviour’. They threw vanilla ice cream and chicken stew at her.

In all the confusion, Cinderella realised that one of her shoes was missing. She took of the other shoe, and tried to runaway barefoot. Before the Prince could pick up the shoe, one of the minions grabbed the shoe, and started shouting, “Bellow! Cindapella! Cindapella!”

He ended up in a shoe fight with the minion.

Hearing Cinderella’s name, the stepmother turned around. And right then sounded the twelfth chime of the huge palace clock. All of Cinderella’s grandeur disappeared and she was an ordinary girl again. There was a long uncomfortable silence.

It was finally the stepmother who spoke up, “You!” That was all she could manage.

The Prince finally decided that he will marry Cinderella, because he was madly in love with her. Never mind all that had happened on the ball night. As for the minions, they were to keep the stepmother and the stepsisters away from Cinderella.