No, you can’t eat fish!

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Love Dale #2

Ben had to ask around before he could finally find Love Dale. But as he neared the house, he saw another car, outside the gate. A bright red Ferrari, with a K near its number plate – and Ben could never forget this car. But what was Kyle doing here? Ben had been casually browsing […]

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Love Dale

Mia sat down and took a deep breath in – she had been unpacking stuff all day. She had always wanted to buy a house by a lake, with a lot of trees around, but it all didn’t turn out like she thought it would. She had thought she could move into a big house, […]

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The Fifth

It was a pleasant evening, and the Sinha family had gone out for a picnic nearby. At the park, five year old Arun spotted a Ben Ten watch, and fell in love with it instantly. He ran to his parents, who were sitting under a tree a few metres away. “Mumma, I want that! I […]

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