short story

Amaya #2 : The Old Lady 

“Amu, what are you staring at?” asked Grandpa.

“It is going to rain, Grandpa.”, she replied.

He frowned at the bright sky. Later that day, the grey corroded the blue sky. It became more grey, as if it were trying not to pour down, till it finally gave in. Amaya had had an incomplete nap, when it arrived.

It declared that this time it was falling apart for an old lady, who lived in a big house. But the house no longer belonged to her, except for a tiny room where all her belongings had been stashed away.

Her two sons lived in the same house, with their wives and kids, but nobody ever came up to check on her. So much that in that corner in the upper floor, she did not have any bed, cot or mat to sleep on. Her sons had forgotten about the bed, and their mother. So she decided to sleep in the wooden cupboard – the only furniture her children let her keep.

The cupboard was as old as the house – which was very old – and had a partition in the middle. It had two beautiful doors with carvings on it. One half had shelves – where she kept her stuff ; and the other half had none – where she slept.

Two days ago, one of her daughter in laws locked the cupboard, not realising the old lady was asleep in it.

What happened next, little Amaya does not remember, for she had returned to completing her nap.


Knowledge Behind Bars


This room is a cube, imagine.
Thinking beyond that cube is a sin,
I wonder why they do what they do
Like they say for those who
Want knowledge sincerely,
Or those who make them wealthier regularly?
What is shared here, wisdom or just shortcuts;
Deals that destroy your very guts?

The dusty corridors the ghosts abandoned,
In the midst of chaos, they leave you stranded –
Against their promises and assurances.
They’ll only widen your differences.
The deities of the orthodox world they built,
The course of the river never in the hands of the silt.
Your life defined by their rules, and terms.
Your thoughts, and food infected by their worms.
The seed of fear they will have sown,
And since then you shall never own,
That life you thought was yours,
Those choices you thought were yours.
Your true self , never again will you find.
For once in, you’ll be trapped in your own mind.

They’ll feed you sciences from beyond the stars,
But what use of such knowledge behind bars?


horror fiction

Candlelight Dinner


Ding dong.
The bell rang, slicing into the silent night — announcing visitors. Red straightened her dress, and opened the door. Outside stood the love of her life, hand in hand with his girlfriend. They were engaged.
Jake and Sue walked into her house, and she clutched her dress.
She managed to relax a little, and put on her smile – which he should have cared about. The three walked into the valentine themed terrace, lit just enough.
Red fought hard to stop the tear from falling off her lashes, thus revealing her true feelings. She turned around just in time to erase it off her eye.
What  is it? 
It’s Sue. I asked her out and she said yes! 
Oh. That’s…. that’s great news!
” Thank you so much for inviting us over for dinner, you have a wonderful place! “, said Sue.
” Ahhh.. well, that’s what best friends do, right Red?” asked Jake.
She simply smiled at him, and poured wine into their glasses. She went on to serve them dinner.


What? You proposed to her?
I know right? She said yes! We are going to get married soon.
Wha-a? Why? I mean…, are you sure about this? 
Of course I am! You know what, I’m madly in love. So much that I cannot live without her. 
” I can’t believe that you made all this! Everything I just had was too tasty to have been cooked by you. When did this transformation take place?” asked Jake, patting his tummy.
Ever since I came to know you loved to cook.
” Jake! Come on, don’t be rude. She has put in a lot of effort to make it special for us.” scolded Sue.
Not for you, only him.
“No it’s fine, I’m quite used to his tantrums.” said Red.
Don’t worry Sue, I’ll take care of him for you. You just focus on having a good time, since it’s going to be your last.
“See, she doesn’t mind”, replied Jake.
Red stood up to get dessert, knocking over the bottle of ketchup – the red liquid staining Sue’s white dress. Sue feared the stain would be quite stubborn.
Red was in the kitchen. She apologised,” Oh no, I’m so sorry. The bathroom’s on the right.”
Phone ringing.
Jake! Where in the world have you been? I’ve been calling you for more than an hour. You were supposed to help me move into my new house, remember? 
What? Hospital? Are you alright?
Oh. Sue.
Is she fine? Nothing serious? Ok.
No, no. It’s ok. I’ll sort things out myself. Beep.
I can help, perhaps?
Who’s there?
Red couldn’t see anybody in the darkness, but she could sense somebody near her.
That doesn’t matter. What matters is that I may be able to help you, though that was not my initial intention.
What do you mean? And what if I don’t want your help?
I mean I can help you get rid of her, your friend’s friend; Sue. And if you don’t want my help, then I shall be forced to get rid of you.
A thoughtful pause.
What do you want? 
Well, I require somebody young, around your age, to complete what I have begun.
It’s a deal.
” I’ll take you there Sue, come on. ” said Jake, holding her hand. They disappeared down the hall before Red could stop him.
Oh no. What have I done!
Can’t live without her? Why, what will happen to you? 
I would rather die than lose her!

Well then.



short story

I Am Dying

March 23 ;  3:30pm

Nilima was walking to the casualty ward with a nurse. She felt out of place, as if she didn’t belong to this world.

A world where everything and anything can happen, she thought.

Nilima tried to keep calm, even though there was a storm raging inside her. Finally they stopped, in front of a door. And as the nurse opened the door, Nilima froze.

Nilima stared at the face. Kept on staring.

Yes, it is her… she thought.

She let out a long breath and closed her eyes. And as she did, tears came out. She tried to think of the last time she saw her daughter : that morning.

“When I reached the scene she was lying on the road, people all around her. I called the ambulance immediately and went near her. But then she lost consciousness before the ambulance reached. She was declared dead on arrival by the doctors. If only we could have brought her in earlier. I heard one of them say, the car which hit her went away without even slowing down” Nilima heard a boy , in his twenties,  telling the police.

There was a trace of sincere regret in his voice and he looked pale and tired. As he saw Nilima, he looked at her, helpless.

“God bless you my child. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”, Nilima said and walked away.

Her daughter Nikki meant the world to her. And as Nilima walked away, she remembered the face in that hospital room : pale, serious and decaying. So unlike her daughter’s smiling glowing face.

Twenty years of time, love and sacrifices – all erased in seconds…she thought.


Match 23; 2:45 pm

Nikki was on her way back home from college, on her bright yellow Vespa. As usual she’d had so much fun in her college, with her friends. She was happy with what she had. She loved her life, her friends, her parents.

The blaring horn shattered her eardrums and irritated her. She noticed it was coming from a black Scorpio behind her (well you couldn’t help but notice it.)

The road is congested but  apparently its driver is blind . I’m sure he’s going for his own funeral. And they say women are bad drivers! God!  – she muttered under her breath, annoyed.

Finally, the traffic loosened up and she relaxed. She’d traveled as far as a kilometer, when she heard that horn again. This time it was continuous and became louder every second.

What is wrong with this guy? Oh God! – she thought

Looked at the rearview  to check how close the Scorpio is behind her . But all she saw what the world revolving around her with a loud noise.

Mmmm..? What happened? Why am I on the floor? Wait… This is no floor… Isn’t that the sky? Why are people standing around me? Do I look like a joker to them? 

Why can’t I get up? Why can’t I move my muscles? What the hell happened here? Why can’t I feel anything? What is that thing flowing? Umm…. It’s…. It’s blood! Oh no! And….. It’s… It’s coming from…. From me! The Scorpio..!

Hellpppp! Why can’t I speak! Oh no…. All you assholes… Stop standing there like freaking statues and take me to the hospital! At least call the ambulance…. 

It’s no use… I won’t make it…

I am dying…….. I am dying …. 


And from all those watching the show…. Not one came forward to help me …. To save me .. 

Not one…. 

Not one….