Adyanth #7 : The Stone

Chapter 7
The School Bus Series🚌

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The Drowsy Drive

You were sandwiched between your aunt and your dad, grumbling at your dad because he stole the window seat where you wanted to sleep. He was wide awake, busy on the GPS trying to reassure us that we’d not lost hope. This is when you wish your uncle wouldn’t have thrown tantrums at you to […]

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Tickets Please!

I don’t know about you, but I was blessed with an awesome childhood. I used to have loads of fun – didn’t have to worry about reaching college on time, meeting deadlines or about evil people hiding behind their perfect masks. It was a time I used to run around like anything, trying to imitate […]

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Ragi Mudhhe

One of the professors had asked the class to go to a military hotel and have ‘ragi mudhhe’ compulsorily. Because I felt the lunch break was not long enough, and I would be fast asleep as soon as I hit my sofa (I don’t require a bed) I couldn’t go. Until the weekend. I had […]

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