Away from life.

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You call it a cross on his face, a birthmark But you do not know the pain behind it You make fun of the way she smiles Because you never saw her cry You walk over others, you strangle them For you donot know the value of love or life You are engrossed in your […]

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The Twins

Naveen had not expected to reach so early. His only intention was to make sure that he was not late. It was a cold morning, and he zipped up his jacket. He still had an hour before his class, and so he went and sat down under ‘The Twins ” – his favourite place. The […]

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The Orange Tree

John was only five, and like every other kid, he too was very curious about life, about the world. He had a ‘why’ for almost anything he would be said, a ‘what’ for everything he saw and heard. Every time he comes across something new, his eyes would sparkle, with wonder and excitement. One day, […]

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